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Brian Jackson

ICAR Conference – 2022 Jul 9-4

ICAR XI 2023, Las Cruces, USA (9th-14th July 2023) The Conference Organisers and ISAR Board are pleased to announce the next ICAR conference that will be held in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA from July 9th – 14th, 2023. More detailed information will follow in the coming months including a call for abstracts, registration details,… Read More »ICAR Conference – 2022 Jul 9-4

Ancient Brines Workshop – 2023 May 15-18 Date: May 15–18, 2023Location: TBDMode: TBDSynopsis: This conference will pay particular interest to understanding the formation, location, and possible biosignatures associated with ancient brine systems and their impacts on the origin and evolution of life and climate.